Retired Phoenix P.D. Lieutenant Mark R. Hafkey, M. Ed.


I spent nearly 23 years with the Phoenix Police Department, including 19 years as a police supervisor, and retired as a lieutenant.  I am now available to provide police expert witness services and training for law firms, insurance professionals, non-profits, and governmental entities.


My evaluation and opinions of police policies, practices, and procedures are based on experience, education, and nationally accepted law enforcement standards or “best practices.” 


Feel free to contact me to discuss your case.  


A Curriculum Vitae and fee structure is available upon request. 


I am happy to give an unequivocal testimonial for Mark Hafkey. I have interacted with officers for 40 years as a prosecutor, defense attorney and instructor. Mark is the smartest officer I have ever encountered. Therefore he could understand complicated legal concepts when other officers were left baffled.  Besides that, he is the best I have encountered in thinking out of the box, an important characteristic in advising and testifying.  Finally, Mark is articulate in making his case, a crucial element in the art of testifying.  I would not hesitate to retain him as an expert witness...

Dale Anderson, Esq.

Member of state and federal bar associations

including the U.S. Supreme Court

I've handled the plaintiff's side of quite a few police misconduct cases during my career. I've also represented a number police supervisors in disciplinary actions.  Since he retired from Phoenix P.D., Mark's been an invaluable aid to me.  If you're looking for a police practices expert who will tell you what you need to know and not what you want to hear, you'd be smart to contact Mark Hafkey. 

John A. Commerford, Esq

Former AZ Governor Janet Napolitano